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What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files exchanged between the user’s browser and the host server. These text files have no harmful effects, but they make sure of the proper working and security of the website. Based on their function and purpose, there are technical cookies and profiling cookies.

What’s the difference between technical and profiling cookies?

Technical cookies are used by browser and server to ensure an effective and safe service to users. Without them, some functions will not work as expected. This means that for that type of cookies user’s consent is not necessary.These cookies cannot be used for other purposes.The profiling cookies instead are used to track user activity on the website. Thanks to these cookies, is possible to live an enriched and tailored user experience. These cookies could also be provided by third parties.

Does use cookies?

Yes. uses cookies to enhance user's safety and to profile him, in order to collect anonymous statistics. However, Tourmake incorporates elements from third-party services, which may require user consent for use.
However, Tourmake incorporates elements from third-parties services, which might require the user’s consent to be used.

What types of cookies does use?

The following list (Table 1) includes the main used cookies and their aim, classified according to their source.

SourceTypes of cookiesPurposesLink to the complete policy
TourmakeTechnical, profilingTourmake installs session cookie for user safety. In addition, during the visit of a virtual tour many simple cookies are installed to record, for example, if the user has already visited that tour. This is useful for the virtual tour makers, because they can create more immersive experiences, collecting anonymous statistics from the visits. These data are not used externally by other services. Their consultation is exclusively reserved to the users platform. Therefore, from these data it’s not possible to view the individual user behavior: once collected, data are cumulated and provided to the owner’s profile in aggregated form.https://www.tourmake.it
Google AnalyticsTechnical, profilingCookies installed by Google Analytics collects statistics on the visit of the virtual tours. These data are collected externally by the platform. A virtual tour can integrate or not Google Analytics. It depends on the preference expressed by the photographer who has created the virtual tour. Tourmake, instead, collects statistics on the use of its website( ) using Google Analytics, but detached from the virtual tours.
YouTubeTechnical, profilingDuring the visit, you may see an embedded video from YouTube. These videos can record cookies on visitors browser.

Is it possible to disable cookies?

Yes. Please, consult the guide to disable cookies in the browser - according to which browser you are using. Disabling cookies will prevent some websites from working correctly.
For this reason Tourmake ask for users consent in order to display the virtual tour correctly.